Friday, April 25, 2008

Gisela Dulko Relax for opener

Fed Cup Argentina Team
Gisela Dulko relaxed for opener

Dulko and Cravero were quite practical regarding the order of play. “It’s the same for me to play first or second,” Dulko said. “But I usually go and play first, so I thought there was no reason to be different right now.”

“Playing in second place is good and bad, from different points of view,” Cravero said. “Let’s hope the good prevails.”

The match is being played in Pilar, 60km away from Buenos Aires, in a very nice and quiet countryside club. This, and the fact that men’s tennis is more popular in all of South America, especially in Argentina, are factors that cause lower attendances than those of the Davis Cup matches played in Argentina.

“I know we do not gather as much people as the Davis Cup does,” confessed Betina Jozami. “But I’m sure we will manage to have a good attendance to support us this weekend.”


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