Friday, April 25, 2008

Argentina and Germany are In the mood

Gisela Dulko and Sabine Lisicki
Argentina and Germany are In the mood
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Interview with Ricardo Rivera (ARG) - Here

Both teams were in a happy mood during the draw and press conference. The German team stayed at the Argentinean team press conference, and actually commented on some of their opponents answers, making the Argentineans laugh and the press smile, setting up a nice moment in a situation that is usually more serious.

Argentina surprised everyone by picking Jorgelina Cravero as the second singles player, instead of Maria-Emilia Salerni, who is the usual No. 2 after Dulko. Salerni confirmed she has had a problem with her right ankle for the last five or six weeks.

“It’s like a pain that comes and goes. The idea is to be careful with it so I can be 100% fit for whenever Ricardo (Rivera, Argentina’s captain) really needs me,” she said.

Rivera appeared confident, but cautious. “Both teams are very equaled, so both may win. We have the home advantage, and we play well in clay, but the weekend will show who gets the best of it.”

Photographer: Sergio Llamera


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