Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Solid Start for Gisela Dulko in Morocco

Solid Start for Gisela Dulko in Morocco

Gisela Dulko played a great match against her ex doubles partner Maria Elena Camerin.
Dulko defeated Camerin easily with a double 6-1.
Dulko showed a very solid game, attacking specially with the forehand.
At the end of the match Gisela Dulko said it was tough for her to play against a friend and that her next match against Loit will be difficil but her and her coach will play the match and hopefully this time she will be the winner (Gisela lost to lout last year the last time they played).

In doubles Gisela Dulko and Betina Jozame lost in the first round 6-7 3-6.


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