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Gisela Dulko failed to Serena Williams in Charleston

Gisela Dulko
Gisela Dulko failed to Serena Williams in Charleston

Gisela Dulko could not find her serve agains Serena and couldn't take advantage of the break points she had but still was a good tornament for her were she started to get back on track.

I will leave you here some coments about Gisela's game and the match agains Serena Williams from Diane who was at the tournament and kindly shared her comments about it. You can check all her reports from Charleston on her Blog Women Who Serve

Diane Comment on Gisela's game vs Molik (1st Round)
"In short, she kicked ass. Gisela served so well throughout the match, pretty much neutralizing the strength of Molik's serve. She did some pretty hard hitting, too; her groundstrokes were clean and accurate. She also hit several great drop volleys, and did a lot of change-ups that caused Molik to make errors. Gisela was also in much better shape, probably because of Molik's recent injury layoff. I was cheering for Gisela all the way, and was quite happy with the outcome. I spoke to her briefly afterwards, just to compliment her on her fine serving."

Comments on Gisela Dulko vs Serena Williams (Second Round)
"Finally we saw Serena Williams play Gisela Dulko in a match that did not adequately reflect the strengths of either player. They had never played each other before, and the first set was awkward and unattractive, with Williams getting broken three times, and her oppenent getting broken four times. Dulko, who--yesterday--had served practically perfectly--could not find her first serve often enough tonight, and also lost her very good second serve. Still, she was able to pick up her serve a bit in the second set, and was broken only once. Williams served five aces in that set.

The second set was fun to watch, and contained some thrilling rallies. Williams' return of serve was sharp and sometimes deadly, and Dulko used backhand topspin to her advantage, as well as her ability to hit on-the-mark drop volleys. We wanted another set, but it was over after two, with Williams winning, 6-3, 6-4."

Thanks Diane for the repports.
Check Diane Women Who Serve
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