Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gisela Dulko at the Miami Sony Ericsson Open

Tatiana Perebiynis and Gisela Dulko at the Sony ericsson Open
Gisela Dulko at the Miami Sony Ericsson Open

Hi guys... sorry for not posting during the last couple of weeks... I was first on vacation then when to the Sony Ericsson for a couple of days and then I had lots of things to do with work and home but I hope I will get the time to update Gisela Dulko's blog more often.

As you might know Gisela lost in the first round at the Miami Sony ericsson against Tatiana Perebiynis in 2 sets, 64 76.

I was surprised at Gisela's game... she always was a agresive player, hitting hard but this time she was the contrary, specially during the first couple of game, she was passing the ball and making many mistakes. I'm not an expert in Tennis but that's the way I saw her playing. I hope Gisela can find her game soon and to see her climbing the ranking to where she belong.

Good Luck Gise :)


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